Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ribbon and laces, organized - check

So now all the ribbons and laces are organized into only ONE box

From this

To this

Spun every ribbon around a peice of carton or the really long ones got a piece of regular paper and scotch to keep it together

I also found some old ones that needed some more organizing, ´cause they where all over the place

From one large paperbag (Bloomindale medium size, I guess) to this:

The scraps got into a transparent box (the red down to the left, this also contains alot of small pieces of lace.)


I have to organize my scrap mess
Theres truly
no space for me to craft whatsoever,
so I have started with my ribbon änd laces

Took a piece of carton and wrapped the "not so long pieces."

Then I used another piece of carton, after my hand didn´t do the trick
  I´m very happy with the result:

I´m not even sitting over at my overclamed desk, I´m at my sofatable...

Now I only have a few more paperbags to go through...
Here´s one:
(at least a few bags are already organized but PAH-LEASE)
haha this is gonna be a looooong night